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Adaptive sole technology

Kastinger’s adaptive sole technology appeals to both the young and the old with fantastic stability, the comfortable footbed and robust Vibram sole. But what exactly are the components of this innovative sole technology?

The innovative K-AST adaptive sole technology comprises several components. We use the K-CELL for the midsole and insole – the material provides maximum shock absorption and excellent elasticity. A technically complex guide rod, inserted in the midsole, affords maximum stability and traction. Complete mobility and flexibility is guaranteed.

Comfort that’s out of this world! The K-TEX membrane is breathable, insulating and waterproof. It is made of triple-layer laminate and is waterproof up to a water column of 20,000 mm. The outsole is made in cooperation with Vibram, the leading manufacturer on the sole-producing market. A perfect grip is a given here. Kastinger is always one step ahead. Your hiking happiness lies in these soles.